Monday, January 30, 2012

...Leading Off 2012....A Battle of the Bands!

First and foremost, Happy New Year to you, reader of this primitive blog.
Hope your holiday season went well, and the "winter blues" haven't begun to creep in.
Anyways, on with the business:

We're proud to announce that we've been accepted and scheduled for the "BATTLE FOR CATALANO!"
It's a battle of the bands, featuring 27 bands, 3 playing per night with a 20 minute set.  One winner per night.
Our date is:
SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 26th at CLUB CHARLIE'S, 320 E Menomonee Street, Milwaukee, WI, in the Historic Third Ward.  Our time has yet to be determined, but we will definitely update you when we are given our time.
Here's what's at stake: A featured gig in Catalano Square during the "Friends of Catalano Music Series" as well as photos and studio time.  We'll be judged by a panel, as well as the audience, yes you, the audience.

Our last outing in a Battle of the Bands competition saw a huge turnout and support from the Fadeback faithful, and this time we're asking for the same.  There was a sea of Fadeback t-shirts and colors representing in the crowd, so, how's about we make some more noise?  We've got our competitive juices flowing and we're ready to make and impact once more.  Check back soon for an update on our time slot!  We want to see you there!